What would history be like if Alexander the Great had once conquered China?2EVQuora中文网





Pun Anansakunwat Read Chinese history for 17 years
Answered Apr 22
I would say it’s extremely unlikely that the Macedonian army could conquer China. However if Alexander managed to do so
The entire of China would soon rebel. Their immense numbers would overwhelm and repel the Greeks.2EVQuora中文网

我认为马其顿军队是不可能征服中国的。 但如果亚历山大企图这样做的话,整个中国都会很快反击。 他们的巨大人口将压倒和击退希腊人。2EVQuora中文网

This was because the Greek army was extremely small compared to the population and cities in China. Population density in China is much larger than in Europe. A Greek army of 40000–50000 men was equivalent to any army of a medium state in China in the Spring-Autumn period.2EVQuora中文网

这是因为希腊军队与中国的人口和城市相比起来极小。 中国的人口密度远远大于欧洲。 在春秋时期,一个4万至5万人的希腊军队只相当于中国的任何一个中等国家军队。2EVQuora中文网

Once Alexander’s army was dispersed. The Chinese would turn violent and crushed the Greeks from cities to cities.2EVQuora中文网

一旦亚历山大的军队分散了。 中国人会狠狠地逐个扫平各个城市中的敌人。2EVQuora中文网


Michel McGill My parents are WWII veterans.
Answered May 6
When Mongolians conquered China they bought their territory into China and enlarged Chinese territory. When Manchurian conquered China they bought their territory into China and enlarged Chinese territory too.
Conquering may be easy to rule what been conquered may not be easy. USA occupied Iraq in just two months and never established a viable regime for 14 years.
The only political system that can handle a vast civilization is the political system of China. China unified for two thousand years already when EU is still struggling on the unification.
Should Alexander the Great conquered China he could only adapt to Chinese system culturally socially and politically to rip the fruit of his victory. Should Alexander the Great conquered China in other word China will have the territory extended all the way to Mediterranean.2EVQuora中文网

Michel McGill 我的父母是二战老兵。
Answered May 6


Chinese written language is ideograph. Chinese written language can accommodate variety of spoken languages. That’s one of the reason China is united while Europe is not.2EVQuora中文网


China have a fair governance ideal named 王道 which view it subjects the same regardless race or ethnic difference. Chinese dynasty is not western empire. Western empire rule by racial or religious discrimination. The racial or religious discrimination existed in China not as major political mold nor as a ideal.2EVQuora中文网


That’s why Chinese civilization is the only survivor of Human cradle civilization. If Han Dynasty conquered west the civilization of the west died. If Alexander the Great conquered China Greek civilization died and be replaced by Chinese civilization.2EVQuora中文网



In China a dynasty may end but the civilization continue in the same territory that been conquered. In west a empire end and the civilization lost in the territory been conquered. The legitimacy of a King in west based on power or royal blood. The legitimacy of a dynasty in China based on the will of people called 人心背向 in Chinese or 天道 in Chinese.
Should Alexander the Great conquered China it was not Alexander was too powerful but the dynasty of China lost the legitimacy and people did not support it. If Alexander would rule China he had to be in compliance to the will of Chinese people or to the 天道。It is the reversed propagation of civilization. Chinese civilization propagates even been conquered.
West rules by power. Chinese people cannot be ruled by power. That’s the cultural and historical difference.
That’s how a history be like.2EVQuora中文网



Luca Yang Master Economics Fudan University (2019)
Answered Apr 252EVQuora中文网

Luca Yang 复旦大学经济学硕士(2019)2EVQuora中文网

Assume in 320s B.C. Alexander the Great continued to march to China.2EVQuora中文网


The only plausible route was a series of states along Mount. Tianshan in Xinjiang. A thousand years later When Tang Army confronted with the Arab Empire in Talos in 751 A.D. that was their supply line. The route took Zhang Tsian a Han envoy in 2 century A.D. 2–3 years to take without fight. Let’s assume Alexander needed 5 years.2EVQuora中文网


At around 320 they would met Chinese in west Shanxxi province. That was State of Qin which unified China a century later. As a military state Qin had already become the most powerful and dreadful state of the States of War. On 306 B.C. Yin Ze became the king of Qin. 40 years later his army would massacre 400000 enemy soilders and civilians in Chang’ping.2EVQuora中文网


The result of the war between these two states and the probability of other war states to give hand to Qin was highly unpredictable. Maybe someone could work out a fiction on this.2EVQuora中文网


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