Why do many westerners who are losers in their own country move to China?ixbQuora中文网





Paul Denlinger Have lived in China Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written spoken)
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Several reasons:ixbQuora中文网


Most Chinese are polite to westerners (more polite than they are to fellow Chinese) so they listen to what the westerners have to say;ixbQuora中文网


Most Chinese like to listen to English speakers and because they are not that fluent in English will listen to what the westerner says and giving the benefit of the doubt to the westerner. This inflates the westerners’ ego making him (usually it’s a him; women usually do not have this problem) think that he is brimming with wisdom when more often than not he is full of s**t;ixbQuora中文网


Many younger Chinese are anxious to learn English which makes it easy for the westerner (who is usually a young male) to hold audience;ixbQuora中文网


Many young westerners have dreams of striking it rich in China (there are plenty of them here on Quora) and if they don’t have in-demand skills they fall back on teaching English.ixbQuora中文网


For many young Chinese there is a certain glamour in having western friends who they go out with. This is especially true with some young Chinese women who like to date western young men.ixbQuora中文网



There usually is a cycle. The western young man first thinks that everything in China is great and thinks it is so exciting. Then they swing to the other end of the pendulum and think that the Chinese government and party are oppressive and cannot stop complaining about the bad air corruption traffic snarls etc. you name it.ixbQuora中文网


Then they either reconcile to accepting China for the way it is or they leave China and try to find a job with a bank law firm hedge fund or corporation where they can leverage their China experience and/or language skills.ixbQuora中文网


As for the Chinese many Chinese have a certain mindset which is called 崇洋媚外 which basically means that they think that everything in the west is better.ixbQuora中文网


Even when it is NOT better.ixbQuora中文网



Sean McDirmid lived in Beijing China (2007-2016)
Answered 8h ago
Is the premise true? I never met these loser westerners. I met a PhD graduate of ETH in systems algorithms who transferred to our lab and became one of the youngest full professors at Qinghua ever an Oxford PhD graduate who did lots of HCI and had a high CHI paper accept rate a dev manager who was trying to see the world. A German who became one of the top deep learning researchers while working in China an American in computer vision who would come in after lunch but was insanely successful in his research.ixbQuora中文网


So where do the many westerner losers hang out at? Granted working for Microsoft China my experience might have been a bit different.ixbQuora中文网



Larry Park
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Because Chinese schools are not very strict with hiring some disqualified westerners got teaching jobs easily. Chinese schools just want to get native English speakers to teach and they dont’ require you to be educated at best colleages . I have an American friend who didn’t have very good education and could not find a good job in the US .He went to China and got several teaching jobs at different colleages at different times frx. He made quite a few Chinese girl friends . He is a white man and it’s easy for him to fool Chinese.ixbQuora中文网


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