Obviously this requires some generalising but what are some cool things you’ve noticed about Chinese people that seem to be shared cultural values/traits even if it doesn’t apply universally to everyone?
(Dedicated to Feifei Wang who once commented on the dearth of these kind of questions.)sbfQuora中文网






Pablo Djankowicz Ruizinowitz Have lived in China and am interested in its history
upxed Sat
It feels great! Very comparable to a Japanese shinkansen train (which I’ve also ridden).sbfQuora中文网


My ride on a Chinese bullet train was from Beijing to Taishan in Shandong province. So about a four-hour car drive I think?
Got there in 30 minutes in complete comfort.sbfQuora中文网


The other high-speed Chinese train I’ve ridden is the famous Shanghai-to-airport maglev train. That was the fastest train I’ve ever ridden in. The 5 to 10 minutes went by really quickly.sbfQuora中文网


What TRULY impressed me though were the not China’s high speed trains but the trains poor migrant workers use in China.sbfQuora中文网


I wanted to travel cheap (on a student budget) and I wanted to go to Hong Kong from Beijing. But I didn’t want to fly since I had done that a lot already and it’s a bad way to see a country since you’re literally thousands of feet removed from it. I figured why not try out my Chinese skills and ride a train by myself from Beijing to Hong Kong?
I forget how I bought the ticket but I managed to. I think I did it online and a Chinese-speaking friend helped me. Then I went to the train station by myself. EVERYTHING was in Chinese. But I managed to read directions without asking people for help (my spoken Chinese is almost non-existent).sbfQuora中文网



In a massive atrium filled with hundreds of people waiting for their trains I think was the only non-Chinese person. I looked around in vain for a Western face but could find none. Exciting!sbfQuora中文网


Then I boarded the train—and I was shocked. It was a million times better than I expected. I honestly thought it was going to be very barebones and basic like the trains for working people in Thailand and Egypt (both of which I’ve ridden) or what I’ve seen in pictures of Indian trains. What I found was the complete opposite. This train was advanced and had very comfortable compartments chairs the works. This train was way WAY better than some of the commuter or travel trains they have in America for middle-class people. And this was economy class—the cheapest of the cheap tickets you could get so only poor Chinese people were riding. Now I understood why the Chinese Communist Party has legitimacy among the common people—because of this stuff! Amazing!sbfQuora中文网



I made a friend on the 24-hour train—I could not speak a word to him but we wrote in Chinese characters on a notebook. He invited me to eat the duck he was sharing with his friends. It was a memorable experience.sbfQuora中文网


I arrived in Shenzhen starving (didn’t know that I could order food from passing food vendors on the train) and bade a quick good-bye to the friendly man so I could find food.sbfQuora中文网


Then I crossed the border between China and Hong Kong. That was an interesting experience too. But this 24-hour train trip remains one of my more cherished memories of my few months in China.sbfQuora中文网



Chris Edwards Australian living in Shenzhen always learning about China
Written FrisbfQuora中文网

克里斯 爱德华 澳大利亚人,住在深圳,一直在学习中国

Oh it is amazing!!sbfQuora中文网


I have on two occasions opted to take the high speed train between Shenzhen and Beijing along with various shorter trips to and from Shenzhen.sbfQuora中文网


Now some of you may ask “What sort of crazy bastard takes a train halfway across the country that’s going to take you a day to complete?” This crazy bastard that knows what he is doing that’s who!!sbfQuora中文网


Here are my reasons:
1、Price competitiveness: I can get a first class seat on a train at a similar price to an economy flight (about 1400RMB) so I figure that’s worth it straight away.sbfQuora中文网



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