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oss Gortney lives in Shanghai (2014-present)
Answered May 16 R26; Upvoted by Megan Cox
I’ve lived in Shanghai for the past 2.5 years.
Things I really like:
-extremely safe - you never have to worry about violent or confrontational crimes on the street - everyone I know feels perfectly safe walking anywhere in the city at any time of day or night. The only crimes I see are stolen bicycles/scooters but they do it when other people aren’t around.
-transportation is great - one of the biggest and best subways in the world average cost is $0.50 per trip tons of bus lines all over the city $0.30 per ride no matter the distance. Taxis are extremely cheap for a big city - 14rmb ($2) for the first 2.5km and 2rmb ($0.30) per extra km no added cost to fill the taxi with 4 people. Didi (like Uber) is everywhere and you can pay only a bit more than that and have nice cars like Audi BMW and nicer Chinese made cars which are really getting better and nicer everyday. When Uber was in Shanghai my average cab cost was $3–4 using Uber black (hence why they sold off in China!).GeKQuora中文网



-you can eat as cheap or as expensive as you’d like - you can eat cheaper Chinese food or street bbq and easily have a meal for $2–3 or you can try any of the nicer Chinese or foreign restaurants all over the city and pay as much as you want! There is a large variety of food options from all over the world.
-delivery services - I get groceries delivered (free delivery) 5 gallon water jugs takeout from almost any restaurant in the city and more... my roommate and I have a french wine guy a shishah guy an argentenian beef guy a baker a tailor a carpenter; all are willing to provide delivery services for little or nothing and you can buy really great quality stuff for significantly cheaper than the grocery/retail stores. Last year my phone broke and a Chinese colleague ordered me a new Xiaomi phone while we were at work at 10am and it arrived in the office around 1pm free delivery.GeKQuora中文网

我买了一个5加仑的水壶,几乎市里所有餐厅都愿意免费把水壶送来,其他杂货也行。室友和我身边好像贴身带着有一个法国葡萄酒商、一个水管工、一个卖阿根廷牛肉的家伙、还有面包师、裁缝、木匠等等, 所有人都愿意提供送货上门的服务,送货费用低廉,有些甚至完全不需要任何送货费。你可以买到非常优质的产品,还比杂货店/零售店便宜得多。 去年,我的手机坏了,上班的时候,我的一位中国同事在上午10点帮我下单一个包邮的崭新小米手机,下午1点左右就送达了办公室。GeKQuora中文网


-if you’re paying for something the Chinese work really hard to do the job. They work quickly they try very hard to understand your requests they don’t argue or try to be difficult. You feel special as a customer.
-very international - I meet people from all over the world with many different backgrounds motivations interests.
-extremely fast changing - buildings are going down and up constantly around the city. When shared bikes came on the scene 6 months ago I saw 5–10 bikes one day then a hundred the next day then hundreds around the city within a week. Within a couple of months you could see bikes from 4 or 5 different companies all over the city. I read there are more than 500000 bikes in Shanghai after only 6 months since the first one landed in the street. One day my colleague complained that she didn’t want to ride the ‘old style’ mobike which had just come out a few months before. It’s exciting to see things change (mostly for the better) so quickly and constantly.GeKQuora中文网

整个城市的新建筑接连不断地拔地而起。半年前,我目睹了共享单车出现的全过程,第一天,只有5–10辆自行车,第二天,就有了一百辆,不到一周,成百上千的共享单车出现在城市中。两个月后,你可以看到,来自四五个不同公司的自行车已经遍布城市。 我(从某处)读到,自从第一个辆共享单车登陆街头仅仅6个月,上海已经有了超过50万辆自行车。 某日,我的同事抱怨说,她不想乘坐刚刚在几个月前出来的“老式”共享单车。 看到事物如此迅速地变化地(主要是向好的方向发展),真是件激动人心的事。GeKQuora中文网


-the combination of communism and capitalism is powerful - this is a big reason why things can change so extremely fast.GeKQuora中文网


-although people don’t really have any say in the government’s choices or actions Chinese people seem to be pretty ok with it. I think that it’s because the standard of living and opportunities are increasing so fast - why complain when your life gets better and better everyday?GeKQuora中文网


-clean and organized - for a city the size of Shanghai it’s really impressive to see how clean and organized it is. Nice parks around the city with amazing landscaping clean and wide sidewalks bike/scooter dedicated lanes on the streets. The public bathrooms are much better than you’d expect.GeKQuora中文网


You certainly don’t feel the history or old Chinese culture as much in Shanghai but there are plenty of places in China you can experience it. Also the more Chinese you can speak and read your life becomes much easier and more fun in China!GeKQuora中文网



Stephen Thompson Lived in China for 10 years speak and write Chinese
Answered May 13
Personally I liked China because it was a so different -
a huge place with a long fascinating history
relatively safe and
economical to explore
great food
rising standard of living
a huge range of biomes and habitats from Tibetan mountains to deserts from tropical rainforest siberia plus
nice massage spa KTV and
the employment and business opportunities which came from being a relative rarity - a Mandarin speaking Brit.GeKQuora中文网

Stephen Thompson 在中国生活过十年,会说、写中文
曾经相对稀缺的就业与商业机会——一个会说普通话的英国人 (注:意思是答主作为会普通话的英国人曾经是稀缺资源)GeKQuora中文网


Also a government which was gradually opening up and reforming so that each time I went there were some positive changes and a thriving “underground” culture of writers and film makers which produced great work. That is not so true today any more so today I like China because it reminds me of those days and gives me hope that it will start experimenting with reform once more.GeKQuora中文网


Also I have to say that although many people who live in China do like it many do do not. One of the top ten best sellers in Hong Kong and Taiwan is 来生不做中国人 “I Don’t Want to be Chinese Again” by Joe Chung. It is banned in the PRC because it is critical of the CPC and traditional culture. Many people feel Chung is too critical but I think it’s a shame to ban his book - better to let people read it and make up their own minds.GeKQuora中文网



Finally I also have to say that outside of China most people don’t really like it because it’s just so different and they just don’t know much about it. It’s quite remote for most countries rather isolated - China does not have Facebook and so people have have relatively little information and much of what they have is negative because the media tends to focus on bad news and unfortunately China does produce a lot of that. ( but not all the news from China is bad - there are many good news stories reported such as the one about the rising standard of living rapid economic development high marks in maths and science for university exams etc.GeKQuora中文网



Carl Johnson I am an American who has lived and worked in Mainland China since 2011.
Answered May 17GeKQuora中文网

Carl Johnson 我是个从2011年就到中国大陆生活和工作的美国人

Here is my suggestion to all the people that have this question. Plan your next vacation to travel to China. Although it is on the other side of the world for Americans it is not THAT expensive to travel their. A one way ticket is between $800 and $900 you can stay in a decent hotel in Shanghai for $45 a night and you can eat for $10 bucks a day. Take the train and walk around and enjoy the city.GeKQuora中文网


Many people will think nothing of vacationing in a resort in Florida go to Las Vegas or any of the other states and experience what they already know and then sit at home watching the news and wonder what a country like China is like. People can tell you how great it is but you will never really believe it because of preconceptions.GeKQuora中文网


I urge you to go and experience it yourself. It will open your mind and you will see how wrong our perceptions are! Go ahead do something crazy do something unusual just Go!!!GeKQuora中文网



Stuart Morgan studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Answered May 12
I’ve lived here for 6 years and yes I do love China. Please recognize that ALL my comments reflect that of a foreigner in China - not natives. Here are my top reasons why I (and my wife) love living in China:GeKQuora中文网


#1 - The people are great and the friendliest I have known in my world travels and international residencies. And people are HAPPY!GeKQuora中文网

#1 - 这里的人很棒,在我所到过的世界各地和居留,他们是最友善的,而且人们总是很开心。GeKQuora中文网

#2 - The food is fantastic fresh and incredibly cheap! I especially enjoy buying fresh produce at least 10 types of mushrooms at about 10% of USA prices. Our average precooked takeout 3 course dinner is around $3.00-$4.50 per person. Sometimes it is only about $2.00 per person (again this is for fresh pre-cooked takeout not for making our own dinner!).GeKQuora中文网

#2 - 这里的食物很新鲜而且相当便宜! 尤其我热衷于以不到美国十分之一的价格买这些至少10种新鲜的香菇。3道菜的预先做熟的外卖平均每个人只要3到4.5美元,有些时候甚至不到2美元(这是新鲜的刚预先做好的外卖而不是我们自己做)GeKQuora中文网

#3 - There is no violent crime in Beijing a city of 22 million people. Our teenage daughter attending high school here could be out until 2AM with friends doing karaoke or whatnot and we had no worries for her safety!GeKQuora中文网

#3 - 在这个拥有2200万人口城市(北京),几乎没有暴力犯罪。我们从不担心我们家上中学的十几岁的女儿和她的朋友唱卡拉OK到凌晨2点或诸如此类的事情。GeKQuora中文网


#4 - Incredible public transportation. Never need a car. My occasional city bus ride costs $.15! The high speed inter-city trains are amazing! This weekend I’m travelling by train from downtown Beijing to downtown Hefei - 1000 KM by fast train - 4Hrs23Min. You could never make that time by plane!GeKQuora中文网

#4 - 让人难以置信的公共交通。这里不需要汽车。我偶尔乘坐城市公交只要0.15美元!这里高铁的速度相当惊人!这周我乘坐高铁从北京到合肥,总共1000多公里的距离只用了4小时23分钟。坐飞机效率都没那么高。GeKQuora中文网

#5 - The career opportunities are excellent with salaries comparable or higher than the USA while cost of living is about 35% the cost of the USA. That’s why Chinese are able to save - not because they are so frugal! And no age discrimination in employment!!GeKQuora中文网

#5 - 中国的就业机会很多,而且薪水与美国相当,甚至高于美国,但生活成本却只需要美国的35%左右。这就是中国人为什么能存下钱来——并非是因为他们节俭!另外中国这里并没有就业年龄歧视!GeKQuora中文网

#6 - Vibrant lively and endlessly entertaining. Even after 6 years walking down our street in Beijing is like attending “Cirque du Soleil.”GeKQuora中文网

#6 - 在中国这里的生活充满活力而且有趣。就算是在6年后,走在北京的大街上,也像是在参加“马戏团”。GeKQuora中文网

#7 - Thousands years old and ultra modern Art culture history architecture - FANTASTIC!!GeKQuora中文网

#7 - 千年历史的以及超现代的艺术文化历史和建筑——这真是太棒了!GeKQuora中文网


Sikandar Azam Khan Alizai Medical officer at Department Of Health (2017-present)
Answered May 17
First of all. The rise of China is the reason why people like China. It's not actually the rise but it's the hard work put up by the Chinese in making China a mighty country which makes people like China.GeKQuora中文网


Besides that if there were no Chinese products in the market there would never have been affordable stuff for poor nations to buy.GeKQuora中文网


China like other powers never imposed it's strength by making up stories to destroy countries. Chinese do have claims on other territories but they dont attack others in the name of war against terror or democratic forces.GeKQuora中文网


These are some of the reasons why people like chinaGeKQuora中文网


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